Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Missin' The Girls

There is nothing better than a good visit with your best friends! We had such a great weekend in Montana visiting my good friends from college Mariah, Mandy & Lynmarie. Although we are all so spread out across the country, we have remained best friends! With the addition of two new little ones this summer, it was essential that we planned a trip back to Montana to catch up. Mariah had a baby boy named Colter & Mandy had a baby girl named Audrey. They are both such sweet little babies!!

The new mommies & their precious babes!

Lynmarie also had something to celebrate...she's engaged!! We had lots of fun looking through bridal magazines and talking about wedding planning. The worst part is, the more time I spend with the girls, the more I miss them when we leave! Maybe someday we will all live in the same state again!!

I've got more pictures to come, but I hear Molly finally waking up (it's 9AM) so I better go!

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