Thursday, August 18, 2011

Did I Mention...

We sold the heck out of sweet corn a few weeks ago! There were 4 families (including us) that went in together and planted about 2 acres of sweet corn this spring. It was ready to be picked the day we got back from our trip to MT, so no rest for us--it was back to work! When you sell sweet corn you have to pick it the same day that you sell it. When it's over 100 degrees every day, this means getting up and starting to pick as soon as the sun comes up. We would pick about 3 pickup loads every morning and then spread out through several of the local towns around here to sell. By my calculations, we sold somewhere between 500-600 dozen ears of corn! That's a lot of corn and we sold it all in 1 week.

It was quite the busy week--and a TON of work, but it was a great little money-maker project and our freezer is stocked with corn for the winter.

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