Monday, February 21, 2011

Best Friends?

While it's been so cold and nasty outside, one of my good friends & I have taken the time to stay inside and work to complete the Masters of Beef Advocacy program through the National Cattleman's Beef Association. This has worked out well for Molly and her friend Hallie to have play dates.

Hallie is almost old enough that she can start actually playing, but Molly still looks gigantic next to her (they're about 5 months apart). The last time Hallie was here, they did the cutest thing ever--they held hands while sitting next to each other! We thought "best friends for sure!" Everything was great until Molly decided she didn't want to hold hands anymore, and Hallie wasn't letting go!

So, we'll see if they become best friends or not. It's kind of typical of little girl friendships--one minute they're inseparable and the next they're pulling each others hair--you just never know!

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