Tuesday, February 1, 2011

8 Months Old

Molly turned 8 months old yesterday. She is now 25.5" long and 19 lbs (according to my measurements). She is getting closer and closer to crawling every day, but so far she has had to settle for scooting backwards and rolling.

The rocking chair was one of Molly's Christmas presents from Grandpa & Grandma Miller. It was Luke's chair when he was little and he even carved his initials in it. The funny thing is that he carved his initials backwards--and where did he get the knife to carve them with?? The chair is pretty small, so he had to have been pretty young when he did it. Anyhow-Molly really thinks she's a big girl when she's sitting in her rocking chair!

In other news, we are supposed to be getting a record breaking snowstorm today. So far it's mostly just really windy, cold and lightly snowing. The worst of it is due to start around noon, with a predicted snowfall of up to 20 inches. We might be snowed in for a few days!!

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