Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas All Month Long

We have had such a great December. I feel like we have been celebrating Christmas all month long and it also felt like Christmas when we were in Montana. The shopping is finished up and everything is in the mail. I've already made one round of Christmas cookies & other treats and now I'm gearing up for the second round.

We had a Christmas get together with our friends at our house two weeks ago, since that was the only weekend we would have free between then and Christmas. We usually have a New Year's party at our house, but this year we are planning on being at Luke's parent's house for New Year's Eve, so we had to move it up. As a group of friends, we have been through a lot this year, including the arrival of two new members: Hallie & Molly.

Here's a picture of the guys with their baby girls:

It's kind of funny that out of the four kids, there isn't a single boy! I'm sure the girls are just going to have more and more fun together the older they get!

Last week while we were Christmas shopping, we had to make a very important stop at Santa's workshop. Molly had a list of Christmas wishes and wanted to make sure she got a chance to pass them on to Santa. She liked the big guy and I think they have a deal worked out :)

This past weekend we celebrated Christmas with the extended Miller family and had such a good time. I really wish I hadn't forgotten my camera!! There are getting to be so many new kids within the Miller family and it was fun to have all of them (except Emma, but we will see her in a couple days) together. It was chaos, if you can imagine, but a lot of fun.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their December and has a wonderful Christmas. We have been so blessed in 2010 and are looking forward to what 2011 has in store for us!

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