Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mom's Trip to MO

My Mom was here all last week! She flew in last Sunday night and was here until this morning. It was SO nice to see her. She hadn't seen our house since we moved in over a year ago and we hadn't seen each other since last Thanksgiving. We had a great time catching up and hanging out. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and it rained every day she was here! We had wanted to work on getting the garden planted and finish up some landscaping I have been working on...but we mostly stayed inside due to the rain & mud. We went to Quincy one afternoon for some shopping, watched a movie in Kirksville, gave Mom a tour of where we work, went to the cow sale in Edina and went mushroom hunting a little.

I hope Mom had a good time even though we didn't get to do much outside. It was a very relaxing week and it will be hard to get back into the swing of things again this week at work and really get some stuff done!

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