Monday, November 21, 2011

I Almost Forgot

In October we went to a wedding in a cave! I can't believe I almost forgot to blog about this! The cave was called Bridal Cave and they actually have lots of weddings here every year. It is definitely a unique choice of wedding venues. Here is the link if you're curious.

This is where the bride and groom stood. There was room for about 40 people in this opening inside the cave and it was pretty well full, so the picture isn't the best.

Here is our little family. Molly enjoyed being able to run around and play instead of being in a church-haha!

Luke decided to further explore the cave after the wedding was over. He took Molly along for the ride. It was a neat cave-as far as caves go I guess. The lights were turned off just a short ways down there so they didn't get too far!

 The wedding reception was also in a cave (crazy huh?). It's called the Cave Restaurant and the website is here. The ceiling to the restaurant was actually the roof of the cave and inside it was all set up as a regular restaurant--very bizarre and definitely unique.

This wedding was one-of-a-kind for sure and we wish Luke's cousin Amy and her new husband a very long, happy marriage. What an experience of a wedding!!

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