Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NASCAR...quite the deal.

Luke was lucky enough to be given 2 2-day passes to the NASCAR race at Kansas Speedway a couple weeks ago. Us, not being NASCAR fans, thought it would be fun to check it out--and it's free, so why not! We also got to stay at the Ameristar Casino for the night-so it was worth going just for that! Let's just say NASCAR is quite the experience. I have never seen such devoted fans. It was hot, loud & smelled of burning rubber & gas, but nobody really seemed to mind. For us, it got a little old, but we did enjoy it.

The first day. We were a little bored after the however-many lap.

We had track passes, which meant we could go down on the infield before the race and check out the cars.
Working on becoming a "true" race fan-haha!

Before the race, they introduce the drivers and they ride around the track in the back of hummers. This was Carl Edwards #99 (from Columbia, MO)
 Jimmie Johnson ended up winning and he really whooped up-pretty much the entire race. Carl Edwards got 5th I believe.

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