Thursday, November 4, 2010


Molly's 5 month birthday was on Halloween: she's now 17 lbs and 25 inches long! Everyone keeps teasing us about having a fat baby, but I think she's just too cute. I looked in Luke's baby book and when he was 5 months old he actually weighed 18 lbs--so ha!

The pediatrician gave us the okay to start Molly on cereal once she turned 5 months old, so yesterday we gave her some rice cereal mixed with milk. I wasn't expecting her to really like it, but she LOVED it and ate a whole serving.

She even licked the side of the high chair tray where some had dripped:

We really had a good time feeding her as it is always fun to see her learn and try new things. After 2 weeks on the rice cereal, we can start her on other foods--then the adventure will really begin.


Cathy said...

She is cuter and cuter all the time! Are those the spoons we got you? If so, I hope they work well.

Jamie said...

Yes they are & they work great! I let her pick which color she wanted to use and she chose the orange.

Cathy said...

I'm taking this to mean that Molly is secretly an Oklahoma State fan! :)