Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thrifty Finds

This past weekend Luke convinced me to give the Rutledge Flea Market a second chance. The first time I went there I was totally not impressed and slightly frightened. It was a dreary day in the fall, cold and windy and there we hardly any people there at all. Pretty much everyone that was there looked like some sort of criminal hillbilly and was carrying around some huge gun. So, you can see why I wasn't feeling the need to "check it out" again with my little baby.

However, according to Luke, they've really cracked down on the illegal gun sales and I must admit, it was a whole different experience this time around. First of all, it was a beautiful fall day and there were tons of people there--rather normal, average people. A lot of the stuff for sale is mainly junk, but I did find a couple bargains that I was pretty proud of--all of which were for Molly.

First of all, I found a Bumbo seat for only $5! These sell for $30-40 new and I just washed this one up and it's in perfect shape. Molly really likes "sitting like a big girl" and it holds her in really well.

We also found some cowgirl shirts that were just too cute to pass up for $0.25 a piece:When you're a baby, can you ever really have enough overalls? We found some bib shorts that Molly can probably wear next summer, for once again, $0.25 each:
We also got Molly a Halloween costume for $2, but you'll have to wait until Halloween to see that one!

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Debbie said...

Have loved your pictures this week. We enjoyed watching Molly and we LOVE the attention that she gives back to us. Her picture in the Bumbo seat is too cute and I copied it and sent it out to Grandma Thelma and the Berrys.