Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Corn Fest

Since I've last posted, the county we live in has had it's annual Corn Festival. This is kind of the "big event" that the county puts on every year and since it was Molly's first chance to go, we had to take it all in. They had a great parade and Molly really enjoyed it. Usually she gets bored if she is in the stroller and you're not moving it, but she just sat there and watched everything go by and was really happy the whole time.
A friend of ours is running for County Commissioner, so we had to be sure to cheer them on as they passed through the parade:

After the parade we took a tour of the square, where they had lots of booths & food stands set up. We didn't spend too much time though, because we had to leave for a family reunion that afternoon. I didn't take any pictures at the family reunion, but it was nice to see everyone & all the new babies. Molly has a second cousin that is only 2 days older than her, so it's fun to see how they've grown.

Earlier that week, my computer crashed right in the middle of working on a cow sale catalog and it turns out the entire hard drive went bad, so I lost all the pictures I had on my computer. What a bummer. I also lost the catalog file I had worked on for hours and had to have done...I ended up having to tell them I couldn't finish it, which was really a bad deal but I guess there was nothing that could of prevented it. Technology can be so frustrating! But, now my computer is back up and running and hopefully I can try to do some more work from home in the future (and at least keep the blog updated a little better).

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