Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On the Road

So I'm a little behind on the blogging again, surprise, surprise. A couple weeks ago Luke had to deliver some cattle mineral down to southwest Missouri and asked if Molly & I would like to go with him. Since we really didn't have any big plans for the next couple days, Molly & I took him up on the invitation. Plus he said that we could stop by the State Fair on the way home.

For the most part Molly did pretty good in the pickup. She got to stay in a hotel for the first time and did really well with that. We got a room with 2 beds in it and put her right in the middle of the second bed and she slept there just fine. She looked kind of cute all by herself in that big bed!

By the time we got to the State Fair it was so hot (heat index over 100) and we were so tired we almost just skipped it. But, we were able to get a hotel room and waited until the evening to head over to the fair. We walked around a little and then went to the rodeo. It was Molly's first rodeo. She enjoyed it at first:

But wasn't a trooper for long:

Well, we got out of the house for a couple days and got to spend some time with Luke, so it was a good trip!

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