Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Despite the picture, sleep is kind of a rarity around here. Molly was starting to do pretty well but in the last couple weeks she has been having more trouble sleeping at night. She does sleep really well in her car seat and pretty good in the we're taking what we can get and working on the rest.

Some may say her big sunflower headband is ridiculous, but I think it's pretty fabulous-what do you think?

Matt helped us take some family pictures while he was here. The entire time we were trying to pose, Kelly was trying to steal the show. She kept running in front of the camera at the last minute and rolling around in the grass. She was definitely acting like the older child that wasn't getting any attention. This picture turned out pretty good though-I like how she is sneaking through the background & possibly smiling-ha ha!

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Cathy said...

Molly is really growing! I like Kelly Jo's smile in the picture too. It looks like you're doing well. I hope you start to get more sleep soon!