Sunday, April 11, 2010

Productive Weekend!

Luke & I were very busy this weekend & we are feeling much more prepared for the next 9 weeks and whatever they bring!

Saturday we went to Columbia to look at baby stuff & registered at Target. We also got a new ceiling fan & some other "home improvement" stuff at Menards, spring maternity clothes for me & some new fishing lures--what a day! We were very shopped out by the time we got home Saturday night.

Sunday I woke up very tired, but Luke was very ambitious and was on a mission to get some stuff done. He got the office cleaned out & another coat of paint on, the crib put together & pork burgers bbq'ed without me asking him to do a thing. I got our stoller put together--we got an awesome BOB stroller on Ebay for half price and tried it out in the yard. We also re-arranged our bedroom and then spent the afternoon burning the road ditches from our house North along the property line.

Spring is definitely here and we are enjoying being able to enjoy the outdoors more--although I already am getting hot, very easily. Oh-and about the baby-we went back to the Dr. on Friday and the baby has flipped into position. Yay--I was so nervous that it would still be breech! We also went to the hospital and pre-registered so when I go into labor we wont have to waste any time filling out paperwork. Things are good!

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