Wednesday, January 20, 2010

19 Weeks

We went in last Friday for our 2nd trimester ultrasound. It was a great experience and we were told the baby was "perfect" so we are proud parents already!

The baby is not very cooperative though--"shy" as the ultrasound technician called it. It was all curled up in a little ball and was really hard to see. We tried to wake it up & get it to move but it would just move it's arms & make "sucking" motions with it's mouth (which was really cute). So...the bad news is that now we have to wait until the baby is born to find out if its a boy or girl. I'm just so happy that its healthy though that it's not too big of deal--just wanted to be able to plan a little better.

Here is the best picture we were able to get. You can see the spine across the top--the head is on the right and it's eyes are kind of the lighter spots. (It was really hard for me to get anything out of the pictures, but once it was explained I kind of could see it)
This was the last picture we got. The baby had it's arm away from it's body and looked like it was waving good-bye. You can see it's arm, hand & little fingers.


Cathy said...

There is no way you can find out until after he/she is born? That is just not any fun at all! I know all that matters is that the baby is healthy, but for some reason I just assumed that they do ultrasounds every time you go to the doctor. I guess not. You need to find someone with a cattle ultrasound machine! ha! Well, this just means you'll have to receive gifts both before and after the little guy or gal is born!

Lesley said...

Do you know anyone there with an ultrasound machine? If you made a trip to OK, Greg can ultrasound you and possibly determine the sex! We can find out what we are having on Feb. 10, if the baby cooperates. If not, Greg will be ultra sounding me.