Friday, April 10, 2009

The Exotic Sale

On Wednesday Luke had to make a trip to Columbia for work, so I decided to ride along. On the way down there we passed the sale barn in Macon. There were cars, trucks and trailers parked everywhere for blocks and blocks around the sale barn. Well, it just so happened they were having an "exotic" sale that day. We couldn't just pass it up, so after finally finding somewhere to park we went to check it out.

It was basically like taking a trip to the zoo, only the animals were all for sale. Here's some pictures of some of the exotic animals we saw:

The zebras were really nervous and constantly moving so I didn't get a very good picture. Did you know they make kind of a barking noise? It was very strange and very different from a horse. Here's a giraffe:

Some sort of huge swan:

Those are ostrich heads poking out above the corral:

I'm not sure what these were called, but they were some sort of odd ball cattle (I guess) that had little bodies and ENORMOUS horns:

They sort of looked like minature bucking bulls (but with huge horns). Anyhow, it was quite the experience and I could not believe how many people (from all over the place) were there!

Meanwhile, Kelly Jo was a home flippin' channels and chillin'.

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Bethany said...

There used to be another exotic sale in Lockridge, IA (west of Mt. Pleasant) I helped at during college. It wasn't near as big as Lolli Bros. There are definitely some neat critters they run through their ring. They have pretty big horse sales there, too.